The most recent versions of the PCAS binaries are as follows.

pcas-add-sequential-id v0.2.9 pcas-fs v0.1.23 pcas-fsd v0.1.23 pcas-jobdbd v0.0.2 pcas-kvdbd v0.2.9 pcas-logd v0.1.43 pcas-logmessage v0.1.43 pcas-lua v0.1.14 pcas-magma v0.0.41 pcas-metricsdbd v0.1.35 pcas-mongoindex v0.1.15 pcas-mongosentry v0.1.15 pcas-mongoshard v0.1.15 pcas-monitor v0.1.43 pcas-monitord v0.1.43 pcas-monitorkafka v0.1.43 pcas-proxy v0.0.41 pcas-queued v0.0.3 pcas-range v0.0.21 pcas-rangedbd v0.0.21 pcas-seaweedfs v0.1.23 pcas-sign v0.0.2 pcas-submit v0.0.2 pcas-worker v0.0.2